A Shocking Tale of Murder, Cannibalism, and Zombies

During a recent discussion  on past lives, Michael student David Gregg offered the following lurid tale  

"I, too, have had lifetimes in Atlantis. My last experience there was the most interesting. This past life occurred just before the fall of Atlantis. According to Michael, I was a small-time crook, skilled at picking the pockets of the local city dwellers. I was eventually captured, and being a voiceless member of society, I was shuffled into a secret government program that was experimenting on the reformation of criminals. Technology was much greater than it is today, and we were subjected to a crystal-type implant in the skull that supposedly altered the brainwaves, eliminating all aggressive tendencies.

Unfortunately, the implant only worked for a couple months, and after the effects wore off, the recipients became even more aggressive, and physically stronger. The crystal implant apparently changed the chemistry in the brain, along with the metabolic process in the body.

With super human strength and more aggression, there were numerous revolts in the prison, and many died. Fearing the political ramifications of the experiment, the government decided to secretly dispose of all prisoners involved in the project. But they discovered to their horror that they could not kill us using conventional methods. Our bodies were infused with an incredible life force, and even if they hacked off our limbs, our life force would continue. We were in effect, living zombies, and many of the old wives tales that speak of the undead are directly related to this period in Atlantean history.

The terror really began after the first of several prison breaks. Thinking if they starved us we would simply die, we instead developed a taste for human flesh, and with our super human strength, we stalked through the cities, devouring the flesh and entrails of all hapless Atlanteans who crossed our murderous path. Michael said this was the darkest era of mankind, and that I was the leader of this new species of humanoids. According to Michael, I devoured the flesh of many Michael students currently on this list, and part of my karmic repayment is to be of service to all students interested in learning about the teachings. The Zombtoids, as they called us, greatly distorted the teachings, for example, replacing terms like "mate agreements" with terminology more inline with their philosophy, such as, "ATE agreements.

You could immediately recognize a Zombtoid by the sheer ATE in their eyes, and when Michael was asked why ATE agreements were so compelling, they replied: "It should be obvious. The spirit is willing and the flesh is steak."  

One memory I still carry from those Atlantean days is that human flesh is naturally very salty, so one must be wary of using excess spice. I also can't read books like "Silence of the Lambs" without breaking out in riotous laughter. It's like I instinctively know that Hannibal Lector just doesn't have a clue.

I also think that's the lifetime when I had an "ate" agreement with Michael student, Gloria Constantin. She was pleasingly plump then, and like most things, tasted like chicken."


Michael channel, Shepherd Hoodwin reveals even darker secrets

"I had access to secret transcripts from the original group, kept hidden all these years, in which Michael first introduced the idea of Ate Agreements. You know the expression "I could just eat you up!" That usually indicates a prior Ate Agreement.

It should be noted that there are other ways of completing this agreement than cannibalism. It's higher purpose is to foster the experience of total oneness between two fragments while extant on the physical plane. Usually by the mature cycle, souls complete it without the use of barbecue sauce."


Dave Gregg explores other agreements that you should know

Along with mate agreements and the recently channeled ATE agreement, there are other interesting agreements that Michael students should learn about.

A personal favorite of mine is the Sleep Late agreement, which I've used throughout my lifetime in luxurious ways. Old sayings such as, "you're going to sleep your life away" or "you made your bed now lie in it" (usually delivered by nagging mothers), were beautiful affirmations to me that, to this day, I still take to heart. On the other hand, sayings like "lets sleep on it and talk about it in the morning" were always a disturbing paradox. While I was more than fine with the idea behind the sleeping part, the get-up-in-the-morning-to-talk-about-anything part was just cruel and unusual punishment. Sleeping is serious business, and anyone that doesn't let sleeping dogs lie, deserves a Figure Eight agreement on their nut-sack.

The Home Plate agreement is, of course, popular with hormonally deranged teenagers across the world, and more officially understood by mature adults as the agreement to "procreate." Although, if you are less mature and the before-mentioned teenagers are still involved, you could find yourself serving 5-to-10 years in a local state prison with a Jail Bait agreement. So keep Dirk Diggler in your pants, bud.

The Blind Date agreement is another common one, and a test of courage to all those intrepid souls who firmly believe that success on a blind date doesn't have to be a near death experience. Though, in my case, the illumination I generated from going into the light so many times might explain why my blind dates tended to scurry away from me like cockroaches on a kitchen floor.

The First Rate agreement is probably typified best by Mary Poppins, who was perfect in every way -- that stuck-up bitch. And the I Can't Believe You Made Me Fucking Wait agreement has been championed by most of modern society, and is the bane of all who found themselves stuck in traffic behind a line of cars so long that there appeared to be Roman chariots sitting in the front row.

Lesser known agreements include the Section Eight agreement, the Piece of Eight agreement, the Salad Plate agreement, or if you just want to wash your hands of the whole thing, there's always the Clean Slate agreement.

But between you and me, with all of these agreements to choose from, let's just agree to disagree.

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