Michael Land
Guest Contributions


By Ted Fontaine


FILING CABINET: An overflowing box next to the wastepaper can.

IN-BOX: A pile of papers that sits next to you.

OUT-BOX: In box overflow.

HOLD BOX: Filing Cabinet.

DESK: Filing Cabinet Overflow.

MAIL: Something that you lost.

COPY MACHINE: Something to sit on.

MESSAGE MACHINE: Something that has a blinking number display with a mysterious three digit number that you have yet to deciper the meaning of.

BILL: Something that you forgot to pay.

CONTRACT: A piece of paper that you are supposed to sign without drawing little pictures all over it.

OFFICE ASSISTANT: A person that avoids you.

BOSS: Somebody that you have successfully fooled into believing that you are organized.

IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR: Somebody that is on to you but likes you and is willing to help cover up the fact that you can't tell the difference between a filing cabinet and a waste paper can.

SCHEDULE: The moment you remember you have been staring at a clock for the last two hours.

MEMO PAD: Something to draw on.

DATE BOOK: Something else do draw on that has neat little squares to draw in.

SUIT: Something you bought for some reason that hangs in a plastic bag in your closet.

POTTED PLANT: Your very best friend at work.

CUBICLE: Desk Overflow.

HALLWAY: Cubicle Overflow.

FLOW CHART: A Mondrian.

STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE: The period of time before you realize you have been staring at the wall clock for two hours.

STOCK: Something you inherit.



The Mockel Teaching - 8th Overleap Category

The Mockel Teaching: For Cynical Beings, On an Insulting Path

Eighth Overleap Category

This eighth category represents a culmination of observation and research into the otherwise disturbing qualities of human nature.
All persons, at one time or another Overleap themselves into this category. Beware!

-- Steve Cocconi

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