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More Michael students enjoying the conference -- all of them entity mates!

Can you tell from the sleaze in their eyes that they debauched each other
during the night, swapped underpants, and are smiling ever so smugly about it?

Michael thinks underpants are overrated.


Why there should NEVER be idle moments at a gathering


What happens at a Michael gathering, STAYS at a Michael gathering.


Michael channel Shepherd Hoodwin reveals his true identity.


Cults are cool as long as there's enough T & A to go around.


A Michael student decides to channel the little man that lives in his pants.


One of the many religious ceremonies at the conference.


The karmic cleansing ceremony: here a grateful Michael student donates a kidney.


Final day: The blue kool-aid distribution -- where Michael students, in a rather moving ceremony, all cycled off.


Is this Michael?


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