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Other than the one incident involving the Virginia state police, the Michael gathering held this year was a grand event. Yes, we have received your complaints, and next year we promise to hold the event on a remote tropical island where angry protestors and societal views of human sacrifice will not be a distraction to the festivities. But in retrospect, we still feel that the conference was a raging success.

Although this meager site could never do justice to the elation we all felt when we were at the conference in person, here are some memorable highlights from this year's joyous occasion.


Day one: The parade of Michael students begins to arrive.
(You people are so beautiful. We love you all!!!)


The parade of beautiful students continues.


Angry protestors gather outside the entrance to the conference.

(BTW, the girl on the right was that lovely piece of flank we all enjoyed on Thursday night. In the future, remember
that human flesh is naturally salty, so go easy on the spices next time.)


Good ole Raggott the gerbil -- conference mascot. May he rest in peace.


A panel of Michael channels eagerly awaits the arrival of their gravy train.


It's simply amazing what a Michael channel can see in your future if she's provided with the necessary prerequisite.
"Oh, your future looks bright indeed."


Even the local merchants were exceptionally nice.


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